Teen Szene

For all Cortes Island 13 – 17 year olds.

Teen Szene offers free, accessible, inclusive and equitable programming that activates, engages and informs teens.

Teen Szene is a weekly drop in program, located in the Linnaea Farm Education Center. It’s free and it offers teens a space to hang-out, as well as meet up for bike rides and other adventures.

Teen Szene also hosts sleepovers and town-trips, skill building workshops, zine making, bike rides and other multi-media creative arts (including film and photography).






We provide free, accessible, inclusive, and equitable programming that activates, engages, and informs teens (13yrs+) on Cortes Island.

             Questions? Want to host, teach or help?

Contact: teenszene@gmail.com




Check the Calendar for specific dates and details.