Bear Essentials Fund ~~~~~~~~ Children’s Health Foundation

The Cortes Community Health Association is pleased to partner with the Children’s Foundation of Vancouver Island. The Children’s Foundation Bear Essentials Program partners with registered charities to help families cover unexpected or extraordinary expenses related to their child’s health and special needs when their resources are inadequate to cover them, and other community resources cannot be mobilized.

A family is eligible when all four of the following criteria apply:
1. Children or youth from 0 – 19 and their families; who are
2. Residents of Vancouver Island or the Gulf / Discovery Islands for at least three months; whose
3. family resources are insufficient to cover the items applied for
4. up to a maximum of $1,000 per child per lifetime.

Bear Essentials especially assists families whose need ‘fall between the cracks’ of other available programs and/or are of an urgent need. Families may request financial support for emergency food, travel to care appointments, clothing and toiletries, accommodations / short-term shelter costs, therapeutic resources(acupuncture, optometry, physical therapy, massage therapy, podiatry, naturopathy, chiropractic…), personal items (car seats, eyeglasses), medical or therapeutic equipment to address special needs, and other expenses vital to well-being.

The one-page application is very quick and simple, no proof of income is required. For more information or to apply for support please contact the Family Support Coordinator at  cortesfsc at gmail dot com.

Bear Essentials Application Form.2018

Bear Essentials Program Guidelines.2018