Bear Essentials Fund

The Cortes Community Health Association is pleased to partner with the Children’s Foundation of Vancouver Island. The Children’s Foundation Bear Essentials Program partners with registered charities to help families cover unexpected or extraordinary expenses related to their child’s health and special needs when their resources are inadequate to cover them, and other community resources cannot be mobilized.

Applications through the CCHA must be:
1. For children or youth from 0 (pre-birth)* – 19
2. For children/youth with disabilities or health challenges.
3. For residents of Vancouver Island and surrounding islands
4. Referred by the Family Support Coordinator

*Support up to $1,000 is available In the instance of a healthy pregnancy that requires temporary relocation outside the home community for delivery. Families may reapply for relocation support with subsequent pregnancies.

Bear Essentials especially assists families whose need ‘fall between the cracks’ of other available programs and/or are of an urgent need up to a lifetime amount of $10,000. Families may request financial support for emergency food, travel to care appointments, clothing and toiletries, accommodations / short-term shelter costs, therapeutic resources(acupuncture, optometry, physical therapy, massage therapy, podiatry, naturopathy, chiropractic…), personal items (car seats, eyeglasses), medical or therapeutic equipment to address special needs, and other expenses vital to well-being.

To apply, please contact the Family Support Coordinator to set up a time to complete the application together. Your application must be submitted prior to any medical appointments. Reimbursements are not provided for expenses prior to approval of the application The one-page application is very quick and simple, no proof of income is required. Contact to get started.

Bear Essentials Guidelines 2020

Bear Essentials Application 2020

We are grateful to be living and offering these programs in the ancestral and unceded territories of the Klahoose, Tla'amin, and Homalco nations.