Youth Program Coordinators

Jodi Peters – Youth Programs Manager

Jodi has been actively working with youth since she was a camp counselor way back in the year 2000! She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and has conducted research in the area of adolescent attachment and development. Since then she has worked with the Environmental Youth Alliance in Vancouver, coordinating programming that connected urban youth to nature. She first lived on Cortes as a Linnaea Garden Student in 2009, and returned with her family in 2014 to live here permanently. She previously worked as a coordinator for the CCHA Youth programs, and recently completed a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Simon Fraser University. She is excited to support the coordinators in the delivery of excellent and inspiring programs for the youth of Cortes Island.

Robin Lloyd- KIA & AIL Coordinator

Robin has worked with kids for over 17 years, first with the Boys and Girls club and schools. After a few years, he opened his own Licensed family daycare from 2003 until this summer. He has experience working with kids of all ages right from the little ones of 9 months up to teens both at schools and mentoring with the Kid Start program. He has always emphasized being active and appreciating our natural environment by getting outside every day even in the rain and snow. The kids enjoyed their outdoor activities which included cooperative sports, biking, outdoor games, hikes, field trips, and walks to the beach. Over the years he has accumulated many hours of training related to child care including the following certificates: Current Emergency First Aid – Community Care, Supported Child Care Assistant Behavior Course Levels 1 & 2, Partnerships in Occupational & Physical Therapy, “Restitution” Restructuring Discipline, Keys to Literacy, Overcoming Resistive behavior and Power Struggles with Young Children, Child Care Resource and Referral Training Program, Non-Violent Crises Intervention, Emergency Preparedness for Child Care, Family centered Care, Daycare Etiquette and Professionalism, Re-framing your Professional Practice, Safe Sleep Workshop, Raising Thinking Children and Caring for Children ages 6-12 Certificate of Attendance. I enjoy outdoor activities including swimming, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, canoeing, camping and kayaking. My goal is to encourage kids to be active, go outside, practice cooperation, be empathetic and respectful of others and build on self confidence all while having fun.


Claudia Raaen- Cougar Sports Coordinator

Claudia Raaen has played an active role in coordinating and running a variety of youth programs and classes on Cortes Island for the last decade, including the SCCA Summer Youth Program,  Lakehouse Learning, Ultimate Frisbee, Drumming and Dancing, Drum and Paint workshops, Fairy School and Art in Nature workshops.